The Lord's Taverners

The Lord's Taverners

Amount raised to date: £350,000

Regions receiving support: England, Scotland and Wales

Ambassadors: Sir Michael Parkinson, Andrew Strauss, Darren Gough, Greg James

Our players' support helps...

The Lord's Taverners is the UK's leading youth cricket and disability sports charity. Their objective is to give disadvantaged and disabled young people a sporting chance.

Every year, the Lord's Taverners aim to help young people of all abilities and backgrounds participate in sporting activities. In 2015 alone, the Lord's Taverners helped to provide 9.4 million sporting chances across all of its charitable programmes, including disability cricket, community cricket, minibuses, wheelchair sports, disability play spaces, sensory rooms and more.

Their programmes support some of the most marginalised and at risk young people in the UK. The charity creates a range of opportunities for young people from deprived areas and those with disabilities to engage in sport and recreational activities in their local communities.

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